With over seventeen years of experience in the pet market, we know how to keep our furry friends warm and stylish.
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Peruvian Alpaca


Peruvian Alpaca

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We are a pet lover brand devoted to creating timeless and authentic designs for dog clothes made of luxurious Alpaca fiber blends and organic Pima cotton. Our Glocal designs are individually handcrafted by Peruvian artisans for the international market. We believe that a product’s origin, sustainable production and environmental impact are of equal importance as its beauty.

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I lived in Peru as a child, my father worked at a copper mine. We traveled all over Peru, I loved your country.
I have three dogs  and find your sweaters to be a very good fit and excellent quality. I also owned a yarn store for 20 years. so I have a lot of experience with quality yarns. I received my first one of your sweaters as a Christmas gift.They are really lovely you should be proud of your brand.
Valerie Halcrow, British Columbia (Canada)

LOVE your sweaters. Here is what I like – the length of the sweaters are GREAT – they go almost to my dogs tail to keep them warm. And along that line, the cut underneath is very well thought out for boy dogs. They are cut high enough underneath that there is plenty of room for boy dogs to go to the bathroom. Your sweaters are soft and stretchy without losing their shape with wearing all the time. I really have nothing negative to say about your sweaters – we love them!

Debbie W., South Carolina (United States)

The sizing and fit are perfect for my wire-haired dachshund, with a really good length for a longer hound. The alpaca is super soft and cosy, and to be honest, I’d thought this soft finish might mean that these knits aren’t as hard-wearing, but this jumper has been worn lots over this winter and washes beautifully (Last winter’s jumpers still look great too.) Which is why this gets 5 stars: great design and fit, cosy enough for our UK winters, but also this wears and washes so well that it’s really practical.

F. Reid, United Kingdom

I am over-the-moon impressed with the sweater that your local artisans created. Quality and style! I admire that you have created a company with a conscious, and wish I could hug the artisans that made my dog enjoy winter much more this year.

Mark Wesolowski, Yukon (Canada)
We are thrilled with the alpaca sweaters! Soft to the touch, lightweight and cozy. The sweaters are much appreciated now the weather is turning cold and both dogs are very comfortable and cherish the warmth, especially my desert hound.
Claudia and Maria, Stockholm (Sweden)
I love your jumpers so much!!  I’ve ordered for my dog and also my mum’s dog. I’ve found it really hard to find dog jumpers locally that are made with natural fibers so I was very excited when I found your web site. I love how soft and lightweight they are. You also have really excellent designs and colour combinations (which makes it really hard to choose between). I wish you made them for humans, I would love one :)
Jodi Blokkeerus, Victoria (Australia)

My Yorkie loves this wonderful sweater. Now it’s getting colder in Switzerland. My Yorkie is very comfy and she stays warm in this wonderful sweater. The colors are just beautiful.

Claudia Loetscher, @swissyorkie (Switzerland)

The shippings are always on time, the service (as we see in this example) is perfect and the products are amazing, I truly love them and so does my dog.

Michelle Weber, Zurich (Switzerland)
The sweaters (I got two) are beautifully made and super soft and comfy, my dog (and I) really love them. We also get so many compliments when Mylo is out walking. I will definitely be purchasing from you again in the future. I am very tempted with the Christmas hats that were just posted on Instagram — so cute! Thanks again, we really love the sweaters and are so glad to have found your wonderful shop.
Karyn Cheng, New York (United States)