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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to ALQO WASI Dogwear, we wish you a different experience. If you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions, please do not use our website.

1. Identification data

You are visiting the www.alqowasi Portal, owned by TEJIDOS AW S.A.C., identified with RUC No. 20513157666, with address at Calle Los Sauces No. 507, district of La Molina, province and department of Lima, who is hereinafter referred to as will be called “ALQO WASI” or “offering company”, interchangeably.

2. User access and acceptance

These Terms and Conditions regulate the access and use by the User of the services and facilities offered by the Website. The condition of “User” is acquired by simply browsing and/or using the Website or the Application. The User can access and browse the Website or the Application freely without the need to register. However, in some cases registration will be required to access the services provided by ALQO WASI or by third parties, through the Website or the Application, which may be subject to specific conditions. Likewise, the access and browsing of the Website and the Application by the User implies the unreserved acceptance of all the provisions included in these Terms and Conditions.

3. Modification of the terms and conditions

ALQO WASI expressly reserves the right to modify, update or expand these Terms and Conditions at any time. Any modification, update or expansion produced in these Terms and Conditions will be immediately published, being the responsibility of the User to review the Terms and Conditions in force at the time of navigation. In the event that the User does not agree with the aforementioned modifications, they may choose not to use the services offered by ALQO WASI through the Website.

4. Services offered by the website

Through this website, offers of goods and services will be made, which may be acquired through electronic acceptance and using the mechanisms that the same site offers for it.
The offer of goods and services that can be acquired by Users through the ALQO WASI website are only available to people who have the legal capacity to contract. People who do not have legal capacity, including minors, may not use the services offered by the website. The acts that minors carry out on this website will be the responsibility of their parents, guardians, managers or curators, and therefore will be considered carried out by them in the exercise of the legal representation that the law confers on them.

5. Formation of consent in contracts entered into through this site

Any offer acceptance will be subject to the suspensive condition that ALQO WASI validates the transaction. Consequently, it will be a requirement for the formation of consent, confirmation and/or validation or verification, by ALQO WASI, of any operation carried out on this website. To validate the ALQO WASI transaction you must verify:

5.1. Validity term of the offer and price

The validity period of the offer is the one that coincides with the effective date indicated in the announcement or promotion, if applicable, or by virtue of the exhaustion of the quantities of products available for that promotion duly informed to the User. Whenever a promotion does not indicate an expiration date or indicates it, the quantity of available products is exhausted before said date, it will be understood that the activity will be extended until the corresponding inventories are depleted. The prices of the products and services available on this website will only be valid and applied on it and will not be applicable to other sales channels used by ALQO WASI, such as telephone sales, other electronic sales sites, catalogs or others. . The prices offered correspond exclusively to the value of the good offered and do not include transportation, handling, shipping, accessories, or any other service that is not expressly described or any other additional item or bank interest charge for the payment method used. ALQO WASI may modify any information contained in this site, including those related to merchandise, services, prices, stocks and conditions, at any time and without prior notice; until the moment of receiving an acceptance of the purchase order, which will bind ALQO WASI, subject to the validation conditions indicated in these Terms and Conditions, that is, once the consent between the parties of a certain transaction. ALQO WASI reserves the right to limit the amount of the order for any product or service, prior notice to the User.
The images contained in the web are referential. If there is a typographical error in any of the prices of the products, if the correct price of the item is higher than the one shown on the page, at our discretion, ALQO WASI will contact you before the product is shipped to inform you this fact in order for the User to tell us if we proceed with his shipment having the correct sale price or if we cancel his order of.

Likewise, if there is or is noticed a typographical error in the description of the product, of composition (material), ALQO WASI will immediately contact the User in order to tell us if we proceed with the shipment or if we cancel the order for purchase . In the latter case, at the User’s discretion, if any payment has been made, ALQO WASI will refund the previous one, unless otherwise indicated by the User. Any error in the product or service will be corrected by ALQO WASI unless expressly indicated otherwise by the User.

5.2 Means of payment that may be used on this website

The products and services offered on this site, unless a different form of payment is indicated for particular cases or offers of certain goods or services, may be paid using the following means of payment allowed on this site:

– Credit or debit cards, from national and international banking entities. Visa, Master Card, American Express and Diners credit or debit cards are accepted; of national and international banking entities. The use of credit or debit cards will be subject to what is established in these Terms and Conditions and, in relation to its issuer, and to what is agreed in the respective Opening Contracts and Use Regulations. In case of contradiction, what is expressed in that document will prevail. In the case of bank cards accepted on the Site, aspects related to them, such as the date of issue, expiration, blocks, commission charges, purchase interest in installments, etc., will be governed by the respective Opening Contract and Regulations of Use, in such a way that ALQO WASI will not have responsibility for any of the indicated aspects. Under any suspicion and/or confirmation of unauthorized purchases, ALQO WASI will cancel the purchase and automatically reverse the card.

– Payment through the digital platform “CULQI”, ALQO WASI does not assume any responsibility in case the payment platform “CULQI” shows or has technical failures and/or problems of some nature (connectivity, failures in the platform interface, the system crashes, among others), since it is a service provided by a company unrelated to ALQO WASI, and the User must take the forecasts of the case and/or vary the form of payment.

– Bank transfer to the ALQO WASI bank account, which will be provided to the User through our service channel via email info@alqowasi.com. In this case, once the transfer is made, the User must send the voucher or proof of payment via email to info@alqowasi.com

– Payment through the Paypal digital platform

5.3. Payment proofs

According to the regulation of Proof of Payment approved by Superintendency Resolution No. 007-99 / SUNAT (RCP) and the Single Ordered Text of the General Sales Tax and Selective Consumption Tax Law, approved by Supreme Decree No. 055 -99-EF and amending rules (TUO of the IGV): “There is no current procedure that allows the exchange of sales receipts for invoices, even more so credit notes are not intended to modify the purchaser or user that appears in the original payment receipt. In this sense, ALQO WASI will issue the User the corresponding proof of payment once the purchase has been made. The proof of electronic payment will be sent to the email consigned by the User at the time of registration

5.4. Payment security

This website uses a Comodo SSL certificate to secure online transactions for customers. Any data you submit to this website over a https connection will be securely encrypted with the strongest available algorithms. By choosing Comodo SSL, the owners of this website have proven that customer security is their highest priority.

5.5. Promotion and campaigns

The website submits its promotions and promotional activities to compliance with current regulations. All the information about our terms and conditions for our marketing campaigns and the use of discount coupons will be published in the Legal Terms of the same Campaigns and Promotions, the same ones that will be published on this web page.

5.6. Dispatch of products

The products purchased through the website will be subject to the dispatch and delivery conditions chosen by the customer and available on the website. The information on the place of delivery is the sole responsibility of the customer. The terms for dispatch and delivery are counted from when ALQO WASI validates the purchase order and the means of payment used. ALQO WASI may require the verification of the User’s information before the acceptance and/or shipment of any product.

5.7 Product warranty

Our products have a warranty period of four (07) business days, only applicable for returns due to manufacturing or manufacturing defects. This does not include damage to the product caused by wear, use, chewing problems, or discoloration from the use of chemical products.

To make the return effective, in the event of a manufacturing or manufacturing defect, the return of the product will be at the expense of Alqo Wasi, assuming the corresponding shipping cost.

We will coordinate with you via email, within a maximum period of up to two (2) business days, after the return has been accepted, the date of receipt and replacement of the product, unless the identical product to be replaced is not available in the stock, this being the case, we will send you a credit note with an exchange coupon so that you can purchase a new product on our website, equivalent to the price of the product purchased. If the value of the new product chosen is greater, you must cancel the value difference with any means of payment (credit card, bank transfer, cash payment) through the website.

5.8. Accuracy of information

ALQO WASI makes its best efforts to ensure that the information on this website is complete, truthful, accurate and up-to-date. However, from time to time, the information on this website may be incomplete, inaccurate or out of date. Products featured on this website may not be available, may have different attributes than those listed, or may be priced differently than indicated.
ALQO WASI may make changes to the information on prices and availability of products without prior notice, following the regulatory provisions established by the Consumer Protection and Defense Code – Law No. 29571.

Likewise, we reiterate that all the characteristics, content, specifications, products and prices of the products and services described on the site www,alqowasi.com are subject to change at any time and without prior notice. Certain sizes, measurements and descriptions are referential, approximate and are provided for informational purposes. ALQO WASI makes every effort to accurately display product attributes, including available colors; however, the actual color of the product will depend on the computer system and/or the electronic device that the User is using, which is why ALQO WASI cannot guarantee that your electronic or computerized device displays said colors with precision and accuracy.
The inclusion by ALQO WASI of products or services on the website at any given time does not imply or guarantee that said products or services will be available at any time, since they are subject to stock according to ALQO WASI’s inventory.
All the images shown on the website are referential, meaning only a graphic representation of ALQO WASI products, colors, measurements, sizes, among others.

6. Use of the website

The services offered through this Website are available only to those persons who can enter into legally binding contracts in accordance with the provisions of applicable law. By accessing the Website, the User declares to be over 18 years of age and to be empowered to assume binding obligations with respect to any type of liability that may arise from the use of the Website. The User undertakes to use the Website in accordance with the Law, these Terms and Conditions, morality, good customs and public order. In this sense, the use by the User of the Website will be carried out in accordance with the following directives: The User undertakes not to use the Website for illicit purposes or effects or contrary to the content of these Terms and Conditions, harmful to the interests or rights of third parties, or that in any way may damage, disable, deteriorate the platform or prevent normal enjoyment of the Website by other Users. The User expressly agrees not to destroy, alter, disable or, in any other way, damage the data, programs or electronic documents and others found on the Website. The User undertakes not to hinder access to other Users through the massive consumption of computer resources through which ALQO WASI provides the service, as well as not to carry out actions that damage, interrupt or generate errors in said systems or services. The User undertakes not to try to penetrate or test the vulnerability of a system or a network of the Website or the Application, as well as to violate the measures security or authentication thereof. The User undertakes to make appropriate use of the contents offered on the Website or the Application and not to use them to engage in illegal activities, as well as not to publish any type of illegal content. The User undertakes not to use the Website for, by way of reference, but not limitation, send mass emails (spam) or emails with threatening, abusive, hostile, outrageous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene or libelous content. Likewise, you agree not to use illegal, abusive, threatening, obscene, vulgar, racist language, or any language that is considered inappropriate, nor advertise or provide links to sites that contain illegal material or other content that may damage or deteriorate the network. personal or computer of another User. ALQO WASI reserves the right to determine at its discretion, when the violation of any of the precepts set forth in this section occurs by the content published by any User, as well as the power to remove said content from the Website. In the event that a User infringes what is established in this section, ALQO WASI will proceed to carry out any of the following actions, depending on the severity or recurrence of the infraction: (i) Warning to the User; (ii) Temporary suspension of the User’s account; (iii) Definitive cancellation of the User’s account; (iv) Actions for civil, administrative or criminal liability in accordance with the corresponding legislation.

7. Content of the website

We may update the content on this Website from time to time, but its content is not necessarily complete or up-to-date. All the content of the pages of this website is subject to change without notice.

This website uses cookies to monitor browsing preferences.

8. Registration and responsability for passwords

The User may browse the Website without the need to register for an account. However, it is necessary to be registered in order to access promotions and the acquisition of products and/or services offered. We declare that ALQO WASI is not responsible for the accuracy of the personal data provided by the user, the latter must assume and guarantee under any circumstance the veracity, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the personal data entered, in this sense the registered information will be considered as an affidavit.

Every user registered on this site will have an e-mail address and a secret password that will allow them to access the site in order to make purchases, request services and obtain account information. Said password is for personal use and its delivery to third parties is not ALQO WASI’s responsibility in the event of improper, negligent and/or incorrect use, the User will have the possibility of changing the secret password, for which he must abide by the procedure established on this site. In the event of any unauthorized use of their account and/or secret password, as well as the entry by unauthorized third parties to it, the user must notify ALQO WASI immediately, by the appropriate and reliable means. In the event that a User identifies that a third party knows and uses his password and personal account, he must notify him in a manner immediately to ALQO WASI. ALQO WASI will not be responsible for any damage related to the disclosure of the data of a user or his password, or the use that any person gives to the name of a User or password. ALQO WASI may request the change of the account and password data when it considers that it is no longer secure, or if any complaint or complaint is received regarding the data of a User that violates the rights of third parties. We clarify that the sale, assignment, loan or transfer of the password and/or account under any title is prohibited, each user may be the holder of a single account on the site, not being able to access more than one account with different addresses, nor falsifying or altering your personal data, if this violation is detected, ALQO WASI will contact the user for further action on their access to the site, if any fraudulent, malicious and/or contrary to these Terms and Conditions and/or use is verified or suspected. Contrary to good faith, at the discretion of ALQO WASI, it will have the unappealable right not to make promotions effective, cancel transactions in progress, cancel the account and/or prosecute offenders. Communications concerning password management can be sent to info@alqowasi.com

9. Notices

Any comment, concern or claim regarding the Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy, or the execution of any of these, must be notified electronically to correo info@alqowasi.com and/or to the address indicated in number 1 of these Terms and Conditions. It is specified that ALQO WASI is a company dedicated solely and exclusively to electronic commerce, which is why our ideal channel for User service is through the aforementioned email.

10. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions are governed by Peruvian law and any controversy that occurs in relation to the validity, existence, scope, application or interpretation thereof, including the Privacy Policy (Protection and Treatment of Personal Data), will be submitted to the competent courts of the city of Lima – Peru.

11. Intellectual property

All designs, photography, logos, content and images on this website are intellectual property of ALQO WASI. We do not distribute any personal information to anyone outside of our company.

12. User generated content

There are certain sections in which the User can create or generate content, such as comment areas, among others. In such situations, the User may produce texts, among others. The User undertakes not to use the Website to include threatening, abusive, hostile, outrageous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene or insulting content. Likewise, you agree not to use illegal, abusive, threatening, obscene, vulgar, racist language, or any language that is considered inappropriate or contrary to the law. The User declares to be the original owner of all intellectual property rights over the content generated by the User. However, by uploading said content on the Website, the User grants ALQO WASI a non-exclusive, royalty-free, unlimited and irrevocable authorization or license that applies globally to all rights, titles and interests in the content generated by the User, so that ALQO WASI can use it, including, among others, the right to reproduce it, modify it, create derivative works, edit it, adapt it, translate it, distribute it, commercialize it, make it available to the public and any form of use, to through any means, be it through the Website, as well as non-electronic means. It should be noted that the authorization provided to ALQO WASI is not exclusive, which is why the User can continue to use its content in any medium and even allow others to use it, provided that such use does not harm or interfere with the authorization and rights that the User grants to ALQO WASI. In the same way, the User acknowledges and accepts that other Users of the ALQO WASI Website view and access the content generated by the User and use said content in accordance with the possibilities that the Website offers as long as they are not for commercial use. ALQO WASI not guarantee the veracity, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the content generated by the User on the Website. In any case, the User will be solely responsible for the false, inaccurate or defamatory statements made and for the damages that could be caused to the Website or to third parties due to the information provided. ALQO WASI is not responsible for the content generated by the User and transfers all responsibility for them to each User who provides said content.

ALQO WASI, is responsible for the basic content of the page, as well as the sale and guarantee of the products offered on it. It is not our responsibility the content of comments from third parties that could be offensive or infringing the laws of the Republic of Peru.

13. Third part links

In the event that links or hyperlinks to other Internet sites are available on the Website, ALQO WASI declares that it does not exercise any type of control over said sites and content. In no case will ALQO WASI assume any responsibility for the contents of any link belonging to a third-party website, nor will it guarantee the technical availability, quality, reliability, accuracy, veracity, validity and constitutionality of any material or information contained in the hyperlinks or other places of Internet. These links are provided solely to inform the User about the existence of other sources of information on a specific topic, and the inclusion of a link does not imply endorsement of the linked web page by ALQO WASI.

ALQO WASI, is responsible for the basic content of the page, as well as the sale and guarantee of the products offered on it. It is not our responsibility the content of comments from third parties that could be offensive or infringing the laws of the Republic of Peru.

14. Limitation of liability and indemnity

Except as provided by the applicable legislation of mandatory compliance, the use that the User makes of the Website or of all the functionalities that the Website offers, including any content, publication or tool, is offered “as is” and “according to its availability” without representations or warranties of any kind, whether implied or implied, including, but not limited to, the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. ALQO WASI does not guarantee that the Website will always be secure or error free, or that it will always function without interruptions, delays or imperfections.

ALQO WASI is not responsible for possible damages or losses on the Website that may arise from interference, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, breakdowns or disconnections in the operation of the electronic system, delays or blockages in the use of this system. caused by deficiencies or overloads in the Internet system or other electronic systems, as well as damage that may be caused by third parties through illegitimate interference beyond the control of ALQO WASI.

Transactions made through the Virtual Store of www.alqowasi.com are subject to the Terms and Conditions described on the website, as well as current Peruvian legislation.

Likewise, ALQO WASI is not responsible for any damages or losses that could be generated by ingestion, allergy problems, chewing and/or any damage that could reach the recipient of the product purchased on this website, these consequences being the sole and exclusive responsibility of the User, the latter having to take the forecasts of the case.

15. Communications

The User expressly accepts that the email address entered in the registration and/or subscription form will be the official means of contact between the Website and the User, it being the sole responsibility of the latter to verify that said email is always active and functional in order to receive all communications from the Website. Messages or communications from the Website to Users can only come from its official pages or accounts on social networks or other media. In the event that it is detected that a User is sending communications or making publications on behalf of the Website, ALQO WASI will initiate the pertinent corrective and legal actions in order to protect the rest of the Users from possible risks of confusion. On the other hand, any communication that the User wishes to direct to the Website must be made through the following email address: info@alqowasi.com.

16. Foce Majeure

ALQO WASI will not be responsible for any delay or failure in performance or interruption in the provision of services that may result directly or indirectly from any cause or circumstance beyond its reasonable control, including, but not limited to, equipment failure or electronic or mechanical communication lines, theft, operator error, severe weather, earthquakes or natural disasters, strikes or other labor problems, wars, pandemics, epidemics, or government restrictions.

17. Legal authorities and requirements

ALQO WASI cooperates with the competent authorities and with third parties to guarantee compliance with the laws regarding the protection of intellectual property rights, fraud prevention, consumer protection and other matters. ALQO WASI may disclose the personal information of the Website User at the request of the competent judicial or governmental authorities, to the extent that it discretionary deems it necessary, for purposes of investigations conducted by them, in the case of investigations of a criminal or criminal nature. fraud, or those related to computer hacking, the violation of copyright, infringement of intellectual property rights or other illicit or illegal activity that may expose the Website or its Users to any legal responsibility.

Likewise, ALQO WASI reserves the right to communicate information about its Users to other Users, entities or third parties, when there are sufficient reasons to consider that the activity of a User is suspected of trying or committing a crime or trying to harm other people. This right will be used by ALQO WASI at its sole discretion when it deems it appropriate or necessary to maintain the integrity and security of the Website and that of its Users, to enforce these Terms and Conditions, and in order to cooperate with the execution and compliance of the law.

18. Alqo Wasi Brand Guidelines:

  1. In order to prevent mistakes, deception, and confusion with regard to the origin of the products, Authorized Resellers must use the brand name “Alqo Wasi” in all communications and references to Alqo Wasi in product listings, marketing, advertising, writings, or other communications, whether digitally, in print, on social media, or otherwise, when pertaining to the Alqo Wasi brand or its products.
  2. Authorized Resellers shall not use “Alqo”, “Wasi”, “Peruvian”, “Peruvian Dogwear”, “Dogwear” or any other variation aside from Alqo Wasi when referring to Alqo Wasi; and shall not publish misleading or incorrect information regarding Alqo Wasi products online or in any digital advertisements.
  3. Authorized Resellers agree to use the correct product names, descriptions, specifications, and photos as set forth by Alqo Wasi in all online product listings or advertisements, which will be provided to Authorized Resellers upon request.
  4. Alqo Wasi reserves the right to monitor all digital mentions with respect to Alqo Wasi brand and its products to ensure adherence to these guidelines and to enforce its intellectual property rights.