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Our Commitment

Working hand to hand with our local community

For over seventeen years, our brand has been privileged to work closely with talented artisans from Lima, Ayacucho, Puno, and Huancavelica. During that time, we have developed and nurtured unique relationships with these artisans, based on a long history of mutual respect and fair dealings. 

These artisans, experts in the technique of weaving in handlooms, knitting, and embroidering, come in some cases from vulnerable and marginal zones. In this sense, Alqo Wasi gives them the opportunity to develop their creative capabilities through the elaboration of pet garments. Thus, making them feel more confident in themselves and most important: revaluing the position of craftsmanship and the important role they carry for the progress of their homes and community. Today approximately around 70% of our production team are women.

Even though there is no formally recognized “fair trade" standard for the apparel industry overall, we take our commitment to our collaborators with whom we work very seriously. 

We are proud to continue working with the same artisans with whom we started this adventure so many years ago, and with new talents that have become part of our family over the last few years. Most of our collection is hand-loomed by a big family of artisans. Grandmother, husband, wife, sons, brothers-in-law, and cousins.

All we knit is love

The knitters use fine-gauge needles, changing colors and stitches several times per row. Some of our sweaters are up to 12 colors. Once the knitting is complete, there are many loose strands of yarn inside of the garment that must be worked back into the garment or carefully tied off. A laborious effort for even expert finishers.

The creativity, imagination, and skill of our team and knitters are woven into each sweater showcasing the beauty of artisan craft. From the early stages of ideation and planning to the construction of each piece, these talented designers and artisans elevate the craft of knitting into a true art form. 

Although our company has changed and grown since that first dog sweater was made, the original goal remains the same: to offer artisan-made, original designs in native Andean luxury fibers.

Heal the planet, heal our future

In commitment to the environment, and as part of duty for our planet, Alqo Wasi uses only recycled paper in its printed communication. We often recycle cardboard boxes that we get from a bookstore near our office. At Alqo Wasi we do not use plastic bags for each of our products, only when they are requested. Be part of the change!

Organic Pima Cotton

We use supremely soft GOTS certified organic Pima cotton in our T-shirts. Thanks to ideal growing conditions, extra-long-staple length, and hand harvesting, Peruvian Pima cotton is the world’s finest, prized for its exceptional durability, softness, and brilliant luster.

Learn more from Organic Pima cotton here.

Sheep Wool

For our pure wool, squeaky toys are a natural choice for your dog. Woven and crocheted balls are plumped with 100% raw, natural sheep’s wool fill.

From Threads to Sweater


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