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Story of a Friendship

ALQO WASI means “Dog Home” in Quechua, the language of the Incas. It all started in 2005 on one of the countless family adventure journeys along the Peruvian Andes. We had already been on a bus for 4 hours and had two more hours to arrive at the imposing presence of the great Colca Canyon. I had to develop an idea for a business for my university thesis. Suddenly, it just popped into my mind. I had been looking for clothes for Paco and Lua, my two little spoiled and pampered Westies, and nothing was good enough for them.

As I was sitting by the bus window, I kept watching these incredible landscapes in the middle of what we call the Sierra; they were covered with these incredible creatures, the Gold of the Andes, as we proudly call them. Alpacas, llamas, guanacos, and vicuñas grazed freely in the vast highlands of the region at more than 10,000 feet above sea level. Occasionally, we stopped in little villages where native communities are known for their incredible weaving and natural dying techniques. The weaving loom has been used since pre-Hispanic times, and artisans from the Andean region apply ancestral techniques of spinning and dying to make diverse textiles.

After some time, I decided to take the risk. I created a company that could give our babies a sophisticated and one-of-a-kind piece of work while helping a great cause.

In 2013, a sweet black and tan mini Dachshund named Gloria joined our family. Some years later, Ugo, a funny and stubborn red male, came to make her some company. Gloria left us in 2023, and we miss her terribly.

These days, we enjoy Ugo and Oscar´s company and mischievousness. Oscar is a black and tan long-haired mini dachshund who came to complete our family.

Welcome to our community, and thank you for being part of the journey!


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