Planet or Plastic?

Pollution by plastics is everywhere, and we need the commitment of all of us to stop it.

We have all seen heartbreaking images of beaches covered with plastic, animals getting stuck in nets because of swallowing plastic thinking it is food. Creatures worldwide are dying from the material we constantly produce.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the problem and frustrated by the fact that in our daily lives we are surrounded by single-use plastics without other alternatives. The good news is that together we can change it, all our efforts, even if they are small they are significant.  

In this article we explain how we are contributing to this cause:

 During 2018 we have started working with our new wholesale website. We are all aware plastic is damaging our environment. Therefore, we give customers the option to receive their garments without plastic bags. We securely pack the boxes to avoid shipment damages. The response to this initiative has been very encouraging since we have been able to reduce in 30% our use of plastic while at the same time reduce our customer shipping costs.  Alqo Wasi believes that a product´s origin, sustainable production and environmental impact are of equal importance as its beauty. We are faithful to our philosophy and we try to contribute and help the environment in every way possible