Yellow-Blue Crochet Ball Toy


  • Fair Trade
  • Woven and crocheted with 100% sheep’s wool
  • Plumped with 100% raw & natural wool.
  • Squeaker inside


Yellow-Blue Crochet Ball Toy

In a market dominated by mass-produced products made from synthetic and sometimes hazardous materials, we proudly make Peruvian handcrafted toys. This toy has been designed thinking on the well-being of your pet.

Using ancestral techniques of spinning and dyeing, these pure wool squeaky toys are a natural choice for your dog. Woven and crocheted balls are plumped with 100% raw, natural sheep’s wool fill.

Entertainment toy for small to medium size dogs. Not a chew toy. Not for aggressive dogs. For supervised pet entertainment. Squeaker inside.

Why Sheep Wool?

One of the great advantages of wool is its breathability. That is, its ability to absorb and release moisture from the surrounding air, without compromising its thermal efficiency.

Crimped wool fibers also give the manufactured product a particularly good resilience and strength. This means that insulation made from wool will retain its thickness, one of the main contributors to insulation efficiency.

Sheep Wool Benefits

  • Wool is natural, renewable, and sustainable
  • It causes no irritation to the eyes, skin, or lungs and wool fibers present no hazard to your health.
  • Wool fibers are breathable, they can absorb and release moisture without reducing thermal performance, unlike fiberglass-based products.
  • Sheep Wool Insulation does not settle due to the high elasticity of the wool fibers ensuring no loss of performance over time.
  • Sheep Wool Insulation rolls are produced to standard width requirements – saving time when fitting.
  • While absorbing moisture, wool releases energy in the form of heat, allowing the temperature of its surrounding areas to rise. By naturally releasing this moisture in the warmer seasons, wool creates a cooling effect in the environment.

Product Composition

Crocheted with 100% natural Sheep’s wool

Filled with 100% raw Sheep’s wool

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About Us

At Alqo Wasi we are convinced that the high quality of our products is the result of careful attention to small details, both by the skillful hands of our craftsmen as well as by the quality of the materials.

We combine textile heritage and global trends with alpaca—a raw, sustainable, and luxurious fiber to make our designs unique. With Glocal designs, our alpaca dog sweaters are carefully handcrafted by Peruvian artisans.

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