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I am so incredibly happy with our knits from Alqo Wasi, the sizing is spot on, the alpaca wool is so soft to touch, they’re stretchy which is perfect for comfort and the patterns and colours are gorgeous. The knits are handmade, I can’t believe how amazing the quality is, these are pieces I will keep for years and years, and the lovely team at Alqo Wasi are just adorable, so helpful. I will recommend this brand forever!!!
@tacofoxyhuahua, Australia, Melbourne (AUS)

Love to put the jumper on my PSPP’s. Would love some in traditional pattern. Also with legs for our cold winter here in Norway 🇳🇴❤️🇵🇪

anonymous- via Hotjar, Norway (NOR)

I absolutely love the Alqo Wasi sweaters I bought for my dog. I live in a cold and snowy place, so my little chihuahua enjoys the extra warmth provided by your sweaters.

Erika V., United States (US)

Sonia Campagnolo - Testimonial Alqo Wasi

Thank you for a beautiful sweater.
It is stylish and looks great on him. It is thin yet warm.
Currently it is VERY cold where we live so we are able to put the sweater under his coat for extra warmth.
Thank-you so much for the wonderful workmanship, the creative sweater ideas and the speedy delivery.
Sonia C., Canada (CA)

 Both my personal purchase and the wholesale order for my hotel have been fantastic experiences with Alqo Wasi. The handmade collections are truly unique, and the attention to detail is evident in every piece. The sweater for my dog not only fits perfectly but is also of exceptional quality. The craftsmanship reflects the love and dedication your team puts into creating these beautiful items. The fact that it’s made with love from Peru adds a special touch, and my dog absolutely adores it. Your commitment to customer satisfaction is commendable, and I appreciate your genuine interest in feedback. I have received numerous compliments from guests at my hotel about the pet accessories, and they appreciate the uniqueness and craftsmanship just as much as I do. Thank you once again for providing such wonderful products. I look forward to continuing to support Alqo Wasi and can’t wait to see what new collections you have in store.

Alessandra G., Italy (ITA)

 Catherine Capriles- testimonial Alqo Wasi

I love the sweaters for my two dogs.  I got a hand-me-down and needed to purchase another one for my second dog.  They are very cute, soft and warm. The dogs both get smiles and compliments when they have them on.

here is Max in his tan sweater and Cindy Lou in her grey hand me down.

Catherine C., United States (US)

Giulia G. Testimonials Alqo Wasi


Giulia G., United States (US)

The quality and style of their sweaters and hats for dogs are unmatched! We love that they make sizes for our pit bull-type dogs and we also love their ethics and values as a company!

anonymous- via Hotjar, United States (USA)

The Alqo Wasi handmade alpaca dog poncho exceeded my expectations in both craftsmanship and coziness. The attention to detail is remarkable, and the alpaca wool feels incredibly soft against my pup’s fur. Not only is it a stylish addition to her wardrobe, but it also keeps her warm during chilly walks. Highly recommend for dog owners who want both quality and charm!

@yorkiesinvegas, United States (US)

I love your sweaters!!!  My Boston Terrier, Crickit alas looks stylish and warm in her snowman sweaters.   I bought another but it’s from Santa so she’s wearing her pink snowman and will have a gift to open on Christmas morning.   Crickit is 14 years young and is always wrapped in softness with your sweaters!!!

Pam Walker, United States (US)

I have three dog sweater two are 13 years old still great and one brand new one.

anonymous- via Hotjar, Canada (CA)

Testimonials home @dynamic_duo - Alqo wasi 3

I love your brand! I bought all your items that I could find
Pettersson, Sweden (SE)

Testimonials home - Alqo wasi 1

We love Alqo Wasi’s sweaters, they are our favorites and have so many of them already! But they are the best, amazing quality, so beautiful, super soft and so warm but at the same time not bulky at all. They fit Indy perfectly so we will keep on buying them every Winter. This model in particular is one of my favorites and that shade of blue is stunning!
Mayordomo, Spain (ESP)

When style and craft comes together making magic.

anonymous- via Hotjar, Sweden (SW)

 These are the prettiest, well made sweaters I have ever had for my dogs. Top notch quality. The materials are dreamy & this is a top quality sweater!! I will definitely be purchasing from you again!
lori K., United States (US)

Lovely soft sweaters with gorgeous designs.

anonymous- via Hotjar, Australia (AUS)

Seung Min Lee

Thank you for making gorgeous and warm clothes for doggo friends.
Specially I fall in love with ALQO WASI I’ve been crazy about ALQO WASI since the first time I bought it.
Seung Min, South Korea

Definitely a bit too expensive, but the quality and fit are top notch.

anonymous- via Hotjar, United States (USA)

Me wearing the light & cosy snowflake alpaca sweater here in Australia.
Benji Westie, Melbourne (Australia)

I wish Alqo Wasi made these alpaca sweaters for humans. Still looks perfect after 6+ years!!
@architecturaldogest, Chicago (United States)

The new collection is sublime. The quality is always to perfection. I’m so pleased with the work you do for the brand.

Sacha B., London (United Kingdom)

Thank you for the wonderful product the other day. It was the perfect size you recommended. Thank you very much for your kindness. My dog is happy because of you. Thank you very much for the nice clothes.
Tomoha M., Japan

My Schnauzer.
Your sweater.
Two very happy customers!
Frances H., New Jersey (United States)

I lived in Peru as a child, my father worked at a copper mine. We traveled all over Peru, I loved your country.
I have three dogs  and find your sweaters to be a very good fit and excellent quality. I also owned a yarn store for 20 years. so I have a lot of experience with quality yarns. I received my first one of your sweaters as a Christmas gift.They are really lovely you should be proud of your brand.
Valerie Halcrow, British Columbia (Canada)

The sizing and fit are perfect for my wire-haired dachshund, with a really good length for a longer hound. The alpaca is super soft and cosy, and to be honest, I’d thought this soft finish might mean that these knits aren’t as hard-wearing, but this jumper has been worn lots over this winter and washes beautifully (Last winter’s jumpers still look great too.) Which is why this gets 5 stars: great design and fit, cosy enough for our UK winters, but also this wears and washes so well that it’s really practical.

F. Reid, United Kingdom

LOVE your sweaters. Here is what I like – the length of the sweaters are GREAT – they go almost to my dogs tail to keep them warm. And along that line, the cut underneath is very well thought out for boy dogs. They are cut high enough underneath that there is plenty of room for boy dogs to go to the bathroom. Your sweaters are soft and stretchy without losing their shape with wearing all the time. I really have nothing negative to say about your sweaters – we love them!

Debbie W, South Carolina (United States)

My dog loves the sweater. When I take her for a walk all  the other dog owners comment on how cute she looks.
I am fully satisfied with the sweater and plan on purchasing another soon.
Mark Michel, Michigan (United States)

You are my favorite sweaters in the market and I offer them to our customers confident that I’m offering them only the best quality.

Alejandra Martinez, Paco & Lucia (United States)

The gorgeous Rainbow Fringe Poncho arrived yesterday and we took it out for our morning walk, in between the rainfall. It is beautifully crafted, fits perfectly and Minnie loves it! ⁠

Alanna Armitage, British Columbia (Canada)

Love this! I go the medium for a 24lb Boston. Fits perfectly! These are my favourite sweaters. Earl needs them as he hates the cold and these keep him warm on winter walks!

Heather Snider, Nova Scotia (Canada)

I love your dog sweaters. No others compare to the soft yarns and cute styles.

Jackie Savoie, Bristol (United States)

Alqo Wasi makes some of the highest quality sweaters we have seen. They are super cozy, fit true to size and have great designs. A must for your 4 legged fashionista!

Buffy the Pug, Ontario, Canada

We are really pleased with our purchase from Alqo Wasi. The jumper is such a beautiful design and quality, soft material! We are Alqo Wasi converts 😀⁠

Lesley Gough & Tommy, Victoria (Australia)
Just received the products!
I LOVE them. They are perfect from the quality to the design! I can’t wait to sell them. My customers will be as happy as I am!
Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you again.
Dominique Marciano, The Dog's Human (United States)

Review @gracethegriff

I love the lightness and comfortability, yet extreme warmth of this alpaca wool sweater by Alqo Wasi

@gracethegriff, Canada (CA)

Absolutely love these products. The quality is phenomenal- wish they made more for people! The products selection is not something that commonly seen. The ponchos are amazing! The customer service (Claudia) is outstanding. I look forward to adding more Alqo Wasi products to our girls’ collections.

anonymous-via Hotjar, St. Pierre & Miquelon (SPM)

astrid-Br - Testimonial Alqo Wasi

The sweater is sooo beautiful and my dog loves it.
The experience with the shipment, customer service was really fantastic and we would like to say to all the team thank you very much.
@Mausi44444, Germany
The clothes are absolutely beautiful and I love that my little chihuahua Sally can wear them; she’s so tiny that it’s hard to find clothes for her. I also love that they’re made of alpaca wool or cotton, she’s much more comfortable in natural fabrics and they don’t make her itchy. She wears a tee shirt and sweater every day.
The only thing we’d love even more is if some of the sweaters had sleeves to cover her little front limbs.
Joanne C., United States (US)

the-great-detectives - testimonial Alqo Wasi

Detectives will detect, and our eye fell on these beautiful sweaters at a retailer for the first time. When we felt the quality and realized all is handmade with alpaca wool, we gave up investigating and followed our gut feeling.

We love the fit. Sweaters are a bit hard to find for us small, and one super tiny Jack Russell. The quality is so nice, light and yet warm. Easy and well explained washing instructions make sure all the sweaters keep looking like new once washed.

And we get “ooh’s” and “aah’s” all the time. Which is nice: getting complimented by our looks ànd brains.

We ordered online as well and can we please take a moment to gush about the customer service? Alqo Wasi went above and beyond to help us out find the right size for our tiny Miss Lemon.

We searched and found our brand for life. We are fan. And coming from detectives, that says something.

@the_great_detectives, Belgium

theo-und-fritz - Testimonial Alqo Wasi

Are you looking for high-quality and beautiful sweaters? Then Alqo Wasi is the right place for you! But be careful, once you’ve enjoyed the quality, there’s a risk of addiction :) Thank you for your products, my mistress loves them just as much as the dachshunds!

@bonapartetheo_, Germany

Soft, wears so well! Be sure to only hand wash and air dry. Love these sweaters and so do my dogs

anonymous-via Hotjar, United States (USA)

Amanda- Testimonial Alqo Wasi

Our beautiful Otis loves his sweaters. We have the cotton for bedtime and the knit for day. It is quite hot in Australia during the summer, so he wears them mainly during the colder months which is mid year for us.

I purchased the Christmas Rudolph sweater from Harrods as the M was sold out on your site. Unfortunately, Otis was unable to wear it this Christmas due to illness but we are hoping we can have a Christmas in July for a debut!

I have recommended your brand to many of my friends and will definitely be purchasing for our upcoming winter. We have no negative feedback. All our purchases so far have been perfect and I am very grateful for the follow up to check the sizing. We love the quality, beautiful designs and knowing that they are handmade by artisans in Peru.

Amanda O’Loughlin, Australia

Testimonials @notis - Alqo Wasi

I would like to add, that I the quality of the sweaters are great. Very soft, great quality and durable. They keep my dog warm in this cold weather. Plus the styles are so cute.

@noti.bynature, Germany

I highly recommend any of Algo Wasi sweaters. They fit small so I would suggest ordering a size up. I have a min pin/chi at 9-10 pounds for Algo Wasi her size is a small. They are made with high quality. Material nice and warm and soft.

anonymous-via Hotjar, Canada (CA)

Testimonials home @wolf 2 - Alqo wasi 2

I love the sweater so much.

@wolf, Belgium

These sweaters fit my boys perfectly, and despite many hand washings, they keep their shape! Super warm and much loved by two southern shelter dogs who now live in New England.

anonymous-via Hotjar, United States (USA)

As soon as I saw it, I couldn‘t help but buy it because it was so cute. After I put it on, I laughed at his lovely appearance …🤭

Haro, South Korea

Beautiful products of excellent and long lasting quality

anonymous-via Hotjar, Germany (GM)


Absolutely love these products. The quality is phenomenal- wish they made more for people! The products selection is not something that commonly seen. The ponchos are amazing! The customer service is outstanding. I look forward to adding more Alqo Wasi products to our girls’ collections.

Clarke, United States (US)

They fit perfectly! We love your sweaters. We actually purchased the first set of sweaters over 10 years ago and have loved the quality and design ever since.

Daniel T. (with Loki and Izzy), Maryland (United States)

We love the sweaters! I am a big fan of Alpaca coats for the cold NYC winter and so happy that now I can keep Somi warm and cozy with Alqo Wasi sweaters.

As an Italian Greyhound, Somi owns many clothes but I can say Alqo Wasi stands out in quality and design. The material is soft and light-weighted. Also, the patterns are just so beautiful that my friends would ask whether they can order human versions!

Because Italian Greyhounds have an uncommon body type, they usually need breed-specific clothing. Alqo Wasi sweaters, however, fit well! The material is stretchy yet retains the form (perhaps due to the fabric composition).

Somi wears them in multiple ways—as a single layer in the fall, as a outer layer over a thin jumper, and as a base layer under fleece or snow coat. They will keep Somi snug over the long NYC winter!!

Margeum Kim, New York (United States)

These sweaters are absolutely gorgeous!  I haven’t yet had the chance to try them (the new sweaters) on my dogs, but I am sure the sizes are fine since I’ve ordered from you before. Also, I always sew up the small opening intended for a leash to attach to a collar since small dogs really should wear harnesses (as opposed to collars).

My dogs always receive compliments on their sweaters, and I speak about you often.
Carolyn Monnet, Nevada (United States)

We all love the sweater! The little puppy was really trying to catch the end of it 😉
France Cote, Quebec (Canada)

I am over-the-moon impressed with the sweater that your local artisans created. Quality and style! I admire that you have created a company with a conscious, and wish I could hug the artisans that made my dog enjoy winter much more this year.

Mark Wesolowski, Yukon (Canada)

The shippings are always on time, the service (as we see in this example) is perfect and the products are amazing, I truly love them and so does my dog.

Michelle Weber, Zurich (Switzerland)

My Yorkie loves this wonderful sweater. Now it’s getting colder in Switzerland. My Yorkie is very comfy and she stays warm in this wonderful sweater. The colors are just beautiful.

Claudia Loetscher, @swissyorkie, Switzerland

We absolutely love the sweaters and so does our dog, Franklin.⁠ My mum originally bought a sweater for her dog from you, and when we got our puppy we just had to get him some.⁠

They are the best quality dog clothing I’ve ever seen! Franklin just loves them.⁠ He has previously chewed the lose fabric of his other dog clothing as they are usually Ill-fitting or itchy. Yet he is the happiest boy in his Alqo Wasi jumpers, he will wear one all day and show no signs of wanting it off.⁠

He is a miniature Dachshund and we usually struggle with the length of other dog clothing not covering his back, or being pulled down at the neck by his bigger sternum/chest – none of these problems occur with these sweaters!⁠

Carmen Rodgers & Franklin, Tasmania (Australia)

This sweater is amazingly soft, beautifully made and features a chic design. Our dog gets compliments on it every time he wears it.

Leah Durand, @lifewithleroy, United States

The sweaters (I got two) are beautifully made and super soft and comfy, my dog (and I) really love them. We also get so many compliments when Mylo is out walking. I will definitely be purchasing from you again in the future. I am very tempted with the Christmas hats that were just posted on Instagram — so cute! Thanks again, we really love the sweaters and are so glad to have found your wonderful shop.

Karyn Cheng, New York (United States)

Hi, we love our hats, poncho, and sweaters from Alqo Wasi. We just wish it was cold enough here in Florida to wear them more. Our HuMom puts them on us mainly  for the holiday photos, though. Keep up the good work!

Renee Payne, Florida (United States)

We are thrilled with the alpaca sweaters! Soft to the touch, lightweight and cozy. The sweaters are much appreciated now the weather is turning cold and both dogs are very comfortable and cherish the warmth, especially my desert hound.

Claudia and Maria, Stockholm (Sweden)

First I just want to tell you and your Alqo Wasi team how much I ADORE the new collection that we received this week.  It is absolutely fantastic!  I think it’s my favorite collection you have done that we have brought into the boutique. However, I always love what you do!  Thank you for designing and making such outstanding product for dogs.  There is nothing to compare this to in the entire market as far as I am concerned.

Karen Durka, New York (United States)

We love our Alqo Wasi products!
Shauna Eve, Toronto (Canada)

I love your jumpers so much!!  I’ve ordered for my dog and also my mum’s dog. I’ve found it really hard to find dog jumpers locally that are made with natural fibers so I was very excited when I found your web site. I love how soft and lightweight they are. You also have really excellent designs and colour combinations (which makes it really hard to choose between). I wish you made them for humans, I would love one :)
Jodi Blokkeerus, Victoria, Australia

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