Launch: Luxury Collection 2018

At the beginning of this year we were pleased to launch our first Luxury Handmade Capsule Collection. We were driven to design and develop this fascinating project since we realize there is an opportunity in the luxury dog´s market.

Our main inspiration was the richness of our Andean heritage and our culture. We combine the magical world of textures, colors and  the ancestral textile inheritance with the hands of highly skilled artisans.

This unique collection was accomplished using only our Alpaca´s finest blends of Baby Alpaca, Alpaca Suri and Merino wool.  Our glocal designs were individually handcrafted by local artisans for an international market.

For us it was very enriching to create this captivating collection using the best fibers in the world in order to achieve fashion and timeless garments while maintaining the essence of our culture and our brand.

Our Andean tradition, together with new technologies and an innovative vision on design field, help us in our constant search to satisfying our customers.